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It is assumed that the birth of the Neapolitan pizza should date around 1720/1730, in fact in those years there are some watercolors in which it highlights the red color of tomatoes on the disc of dough. The first is the Neapolitan pizza marinara *, but the ultimate result being the classic margherita.

The history of pizza most likely began before 1847, the year in which the French writer Boucard cites in his book "Customs of Naples", in fact, the Neapolitan people used to eat a pizza with tomato and mozzarella. Subsequently, on June 11, 1889, historic day for the pizza, Queen Margherita of Savoy Palace of Capodimonte to convene the pizza maker Raffaele Esposito prepared pizza for him. The good pizza prepared three kinds of pizza, but the pizza was more than pleased with tomato and mozzarella. From that moment, in honor of the queen, the people that called the Neapolitan pizza Margherita.